Two Graves

Director: Gary Young

Writer: Gary Young

Producers: Shantelle Rochester-Henry, Keith Bell, Andy Thompson, Tom George

Actors: Dave Johns, David Hayman

Genre: Revenge Thriller

Length: 1h 30min

Language: English,

Set against an urban backdrop, Tyson's character, a pathologist who goes by the name of Margaret Powers, seeks a path of vengeance when she captures and tortures the shadowy figure of Finn (played by Neal Ward) whom she believes murdered her son. In a bid to extract a confession, the path to vengeance leads to tragedy and unearths deeply troubling truths. Margaret is helped by Zoe a twentysomething recovering addict, who was once a lover of Margaret’s son, and has learned to survive on her instincts and wits. Together Zoe and Margaret, who under ordinary circumstances would have nothing in common, kidnap Finn O’Neil, the son of an old school, local gangster. Finn, having managed to escape justice through his father’s influence, is held in a disused, derelict shipyard, a haven where junkies and prostitutes take their clients, patrolled by a pair of mismatched night watchmen. As Margaret’s plans and Zoe’s true motivation are slowly revealed, shocking facts emerge and the characters are drawn into a violent and horrifying conclusion. Two Graves marks the directorial debut of writer Gary Young who also penned the Michael Caine crime flick, Harry Brown (2009).