Kill Keith

Director: Andy Thompson

Writers: Andy Thompson,

Pete Benson, Tim Major

Producer: Tim Major

Distributor: Metrodome (UK)

Welcome to the world of Breakfast TV, with chirpy presenters who wake us up with their positive attitudes and happy dispositions, but something sinister is afoot - there is a killer on the loose; The Breakfast Cereal Killer and few are safe... Cliff and Dawn are the early morning TV presenters on the nation's favourite breakfast show - "The Crack of Dawn." Danny Nichols is the hapless day dreaming studio runner who longs to be a presenter and sit alongside the woman of his dreams...Dawn. Sadly Cliff is leaving and the new host is a safely guarded secret...that is until the short list slowly becomes the dead list. Keith Chegwin, Tony Blackburn, Joe Pasquale and Russell Grant are up for the dream job - but who will live long enough to accept it?